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NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Vodafone's early Friday finishes could have gone further - expert

NewsHub, 21 January 2020

Vodafone New Zealand announced on Monday it will allow its staff to leave work at 2pm every Friday until the end of February. AUT professor and NZWRI associate director Jarrod Haar talks about this, stating that while shorter weeks lead to more productive days, Vodaphone's initiative could have been constructed better.

Four-day work weeks to be trialled by more Kiwi businesses

NewsHub, 21 January 2020

AUT professor and NZWRI associate director Jarrod Haar comments on VodafoneNZ's recent commitment to shortening the work week. He suggests that we may see more firms trialing the 4-day work week in the near future.

Award for Business Research Translation

AUTi, 21 January 2020

Associate Professor Rachel Morrison (Management) received an award in the 2019 Business Research Translation competition. This competition showcases academics’ business research to external stakeholders, highlighting its importance to contemporary business practice.

2020 - The first: Professor of Diversity

AUT, 20 January 2020

Professor Edwina Pio, the first Professor of Diversity and University Director of Diversity in New Zealand, talks about AUT’s work in the diversity space. Prof. Pio is a long-standing member of the NZWRI.

Continuing Panel Discussion with Private Investigator Julia Hartley Moore and Peter Fa'afiu

RNZ, 17 January 2020

An in depth discussion with Julia Hartley Moore and Peter Fa'afiu on the main driving factors of poverty with Gail Pacheco discussing the findings and methodology of the In-work poverty report.

The rise of the 'side hustle': Millennials are running businesses in their spare time

Stuff, 5 January 2020

Dr Marcus Ho, leader of our Wellbeing and Performance group, spoke with Stuff reporter, Brittany Keogh, about the rise of the 'side hustle' and it's popularity with millennials.

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