Primary surveys

We have conducted a number of national, local and workplace surveys; longitudinal, repeated or one-off; collecting quantitative and/or qualitative data.

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World Internet Project (NZ)

WIPNZ is a longitudinal survey investigating New Zealanders’ usage of, and attitude toward, the internet.


Map of Meaningful Work

The Map of Meaning is a holistic development model that you can use to create meaningful work and a meaningful workplace.


Other projects

The demand for an aged care workforce in New Zealand is predicted to increase significantly in the near and long term future.

At the same time, pay and conditions for employees in the sector have come under scrutiny. While population demographics have been used to predict the supply and demand for aged care employees, there is little data about the current workforce in New Zealand.

Furthermore, there are few, if any, opportunities for national benchmarking of workforce trends such as turnover, labour supply, training and wellbeing factors.

Supplementary information


The aim of the NZ Women's Empowerment Principles survey is to uncover policies and practices within New Zealand’s largest organisations on behalf of the United Nations Women, with a specific focus on Women’s Empowerment Policies.


It has been suggested that Māori's have an inimitable worldview which may challenge western notions of career success and satisfaction.

This study supports previous research demonstrating the importance of cultural wellbeing for career satisfaction of Māori employees.

This study explores whether Aotearoa workplaces provide specific Human Resource Management (HRM) practices that are culturally relevant for Māori employees, empirically tests these practices in combination with traditional High-Performance Work Systems (HPWS), and determines the effects these Māori HPWS play on the work and wellbeing of Māori employees.

A Kaupapa Māori approach to human resource management practices in Aotearoa workplaces

The 2019 report of the Care Workforce Survey is authored by Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood, Dr Julie Douglas (from our Care/Work Research Group) and Tanya Ewertowska. It continues on from the NZ Aged Care Workforce Survey reports of 2014 and 2016, and is extended in this iteration to include not only residential aged care and home and community support, but also the disability support and mental health and addiction support sectors - hence the new name 'The New Zealand Care Workforce Survey'. It reports on the experiences of care and support workers, nurses and managers in these sectors.

Read the full report here

Big Data research

Our Big Data research uses empirical evidence from large administrative datasets.

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