The Map of Meaningful Work

Meaning connects us with life. The Map of Meaning helps us find, create and retain this connection in virtually all circumstances.

You can use The Map of Meaning to find purpose every day. You can use it to create meaningful work, and a meaningful workplace. You can use it to transform your relationships. We can all use it to create meaningful lives in meaningful societies.

The Map of Meaning is based on rigorous research tested in many countries and cultures around the world.

Until now we have not had a guide to clearly show what makes work and life meaningful. Now we do. The Map of Meaning mirrors our own deep knowing, yet in drawing all of this into one simple framework, it gives humanity new knowledge, and the ability to take charge of the factors that human beings have agreed make work and life meaningful.

This holistic development model is practical and easy to use, by any one of any age, to make practical changes in our life whatever our current situation, and changes in our organisation, no matter what our position.

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Primary surveys

We have conducted a number of national, local and work-place surveys; longitudinal, repeated or one-off; collecting quantitative and/or qualitative data.

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Big data research

Many of our projects have a strong focus on utilising linked administrative data, and in particular the Integrated Data Infrastructure.

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