Celebrating Success - Maulupeivao Dr Betty Ofe-Grant

AUT's contribution to our local community, Aotearoa, and further afield comes in many guises, including our experts appointed to boards, panels, and expert working groups.

Congratulations to Lecturer / Researcher (HROD, Tagata Pasifika, Ethnic Minorities, Pasifika Labour Migration, Literacy & Numeracy), Maulupeivao Dr Betty Ofe-Grant, who has recently become the acting Vice President for the National Council of Women NZ (NCWNZ) which was established by Kate Sheppard in 1896.

Maulupeivao Dr Betty Ofe-Grant was appointed as a Board member in 2020, becoming the first person of Pacific heritage (Samoan, Tongan and Hawaiian) to join the organisation’s Board.

“I am delighted and honoured about this appointment and hope to contribute to, and further advance, the well-being of women and girls similar to the works of Kate Sheppard and other strong female NCWNZ ‘trailblazers’ of the past, present, and future,” she says.

Originally from AUT Comms

9 February 2023