Professor Pio appointed Te Kupenga academic advisory board chair

Professor Edwina Pio, our university director of diversity has been appointed chair of the academic advisory board of Te Kupenga – Catholic theological college of New Zealand.

"It is an honour and privilege to serve a religious institute within the context of my work at AUT and internationally," Edwina said.

Te Kupenga means "the net" or "the fishing net" and harks to the first four disciples of Jesus – Andrew, Peter, James and John. Te Kupenga was created by a merger of Good Shepherd College in Auckland and the Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand (TCI).

The Academic Advisory Board provides oversight, advice and assurance to the Governance Board and Chief Executive of Te Kupenga Catholic Leadership Institute, that the Catholic Theological College's academic programmes:

  • Are robust in delivery and moderation
  • Are academically rigorous and meet regulatory requirements
  • Are accessible through a range of delivery methods
  • Are reviewed and updated regularly, through a quality assurance system.

Edwina is delighted to provide leadership to the academic programmes and benchmarks which epitomise more human fraternity and solidarity.

She hopes to further enhance Te Kupenga's research and strengthen relationships and collaborations with stakeholders.

Image: Professor Edwina Pio

Article date: 24/11/2020 3:20 p.m.

Author: Anya Imandin